Mallorca Cathedral

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The Cathedral of Mallorca is popularly known as “La Seu”

If you are going to visit the island of Mallorca and you are going to be in its capital, there are some places in the city that you cannot miss, among them its historic center and the imposing cathedral that presides over the old wall that surrounds the old town. The Cathedral of Mallorca is one of the most impressive and admired Gothic temples in the world and one of the most emblematic places on the island, making it an essential visit during your stay in Palma de Mallorca.

Although the Cathedral of Mallorca is popularly known as “La Seu”, the official name of the monument is Cathedral-Basilica of Santa María de Mallorca. Construction began almost 800 years ago, after the Crown of Aragon conquered the island. According to the legends, King Jaime I, during a strong storm overseas in which he was on the point of drowning, promised Santa Maria to build a cathedral in his honor if it saved him from death. Upon arriving safely on the island, the king had the cathedral built as a veneration of Santa María for helping him survive the shipwreck.

La Seu is located on the walls that surround the old town of Palma, facing the Mediterranean Sea, in an idyllic landscape. The Cathedral of Mallorca also has the largest rose window among the European Gothic cathedrals. This 13-meter diameter rose window, known as the Gothic Eye and made up of more than 1,200 crystals, is of incomparable beauty.

The interior of the Cathedral of Mallorca is also of incalculable beauty. One of the most outstanding interventions in the cathedral was that of Antoni Gaudí, who for 10 years was in charge of remodeling and reforming it. The famous painter Miquel Barceló also took part in the decoration of the chapel, already today. Barceló painted a mural of spectacular dimensions in the Capilla del Santísimo, one of the three chapels that are inside the Cathedral, inspired by the gospel of the loaves and fishes. Due to the cultural richness of the monument in its origins and the remodeling and interventions that it has undergone by famous artists, the Cathedral of Mallorca is considered a Historic-Artistic Monument.

Palma de Mallorca old town

If you are going to visit the island, the beautiful and picturesque old town of Palma de Mallorca is a must and you will surely love it. Walking the streets of the historic center, getting to know the imposing Cathedral of Mallorca and appreciating the beauty of the buildings and squares of the old town Palma de Mallorca is a unique experience that will transport you to another era. Here you will find the majority of tourist attractions that deserve a must-see, such as Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Art or the Royal Palace of Almudaina. We recommend that, in addition to visiting these places of special interest, you take the opportunity to lose yourself in the less known and uncrowded medieval streets of the old town Palma de Mallorca and get to know the city in the most authentic way.

The architecture of the old town Palma de Mallorca is marked by the Gothic-style churches and cathedrals, the medieval squares, the stone streets and the centuries-old houses and buildings and their characteristic and charming interior courtyards. Take advantage of your visit to walk and get to know each one of the streets, recharge your batteries in a cafe enjoying a good "ensaïmada" and visit the shops of the elegant avenue of Passeig del Born or rest on a bench in the beautiful squares to enjoy a Unforgettable day breathing the calm of the island.

Christian churches and cathedrals, such as the Cathedral of Mallorca, are countless in the capital, although Palma not only has Christian reminiscences. The city was very marked by the Muslim occupation centuries ago and you can still find some trace of those times. It is worth visiting the Arab baths, built between the 10th and 12th centuries, of which some rooms from the original construction are still preserved.

Majorca fish market

Another of the historical monuments that is worth visiting in the old town of Palma, in addition to the Cathedral of Mallorca, is the Lonja de Mallorca. This majestic Gothic monument is of comparable beauty to that of the cathedral and a must-see for lovers of architecture. In addition, today, inside it houses several exhibitions of contemporary art.

The Lonja de Mallorca neighborhood is one of the most special places in the capital. In addition to being in the historic center, it is one of the places with the best atmosphere and nightlife you will find in the city. This beautiful maze of cobbled streets, full of cocktail bars, cafes, restaurants and art galleries is a place to get lost and enjoy the city in the best possible way. In the Lonja de Mallorca you will find our hotel, Purohotel Palma, where you can enjoy a perfect stay on the island. In the historic center, very close to the impressive Cathedral of Mallorca and the best bars and restaurants in the area, it is the ideal place to get to know Palma and live an unforgettable experience in a dream hotel

Purohotel Palma

Purohotel Palma, located near the Cathedral of Mallorca, is a modern, design hotel, located in an old palace from the 18th century, in the heart of the old town of Palma de Mallorca. Our beautiful urban hotel, in one of the charming streets of La Lonja (fishmarket) of Mallorca neighborhood, has recently been renovated to become a cozy and charming space. Each room, with its own character and different design, combines the best of contemporary style and design without sacrificing the comfort that is sought in a hotel.

The hotel has the best services and one of the most delicious restaurants in Palma. At the hotel's Beatnik restaurant you can enjoy the most delicious dishes and an unbeatable atmosphere, it is the best place for a dream evening!

Purohotel Palma, in addition to being a very charming place and one of the best urban hotels in the city, is special for its location. You will find yourself surrounded by iconic buildings, winding cobblestone streets, and charming corners. Travelers looking to live a unique experience in the heart of Palma will find Purohotel the best option.