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    Puro Urbano III
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    PURO URBANO III – Mixed & Compiled by Sebas Ramis & Javi Cascales

    The wait is over! Puro Music is back for another year, with the launch of a new edition of our double CD compilation that pays tribute to our “urban locations” Puro Urbano Volume 3.

    The series was created and launched in the 2015 season by Sebas Ramis, accompanied by other Puro resident DJs including: Isaac Indart, Vik T and Ohlle. This time Sebas presents a veteran DJ who has been one of the pillars of Purohotel over the last couple of years, Javi Cascales. He has compiled and mixed the second CD of the “Urban Nights” series, with Sebas at the controls for CD1, Opio


    This third edition of the series sees Sebas Ramis back in the mix, which represents the mood and ambience of our restaurant, “Opio Bar& Restaurant. A mix full of deep, groovy and mid-tempo vibes, the perfect way to start the compilation.
    Downtempo beats open the mix, which gradually warms up with songs of note such as “Love 2 Dub” by The Funk District and “Flowers” by Bliss Industry. As the music continues to flow, gems such as “Mama Blues” by Jestofunk, remixed by the superb Atjazz, emerge. Slow elegance that opens the doors to a special night in Purohotel.


    Urban Nights turn up the BPMs, while maintaining the classy sounds of the Opio CD. As usual, the temperature rises on the second CD, with Javi Cascales an expert in taking things up a notch. Old school house sets the tone of this mix, heavily influenced by soulful sounds. The dancefloor fills to the sounds of tracks such as “Used To” by Round Shaped Triangles, fusing perfectly with “If Only I Could” by Liem, transformed into a classic by Fusion Groove Orchestra.

    A Balearic infused mix that beautifully handles afro house, soulful sounds and UK inspired tracks such as Demarkus Lewis’ “I Do It Naturally”. Closing the compilation, we have another friend of Puro, Kiko Navarro and the grand diva Julie McKnight with their hit “All Because of You”. Great selection Cascales, great selection.

Puro Urbano III