• Tutsi Girl Play House
    Tutsi Girl Play House
    Tutsi Girl Play House

    Tutsi Girl Play House make their debut with the stunning “Body & Soul” EP for Puro Music, featuring 4 tracks of exquisite, soulful deep house. This new group formed after a casual meeting in Barcelona in 2015, where Mallorcan producer Sebas Ramis began his collaborations with Ruandan songstress Tesirée and German keyboardist Sebastian Motz, a musician trained in the school of afro-jazz on Cuba. The eclectic backgrounds of the band members developed a formidable and emotive sound, packed with driving house beats and hypnotic melodies that set the pace for the soothing vocals of Tesirée, who hails from the Tutsi tribe. The band debuted their live act in April 2016 in Palma de Mallorca.

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Tutsi Girl Play House