We have the best gastronomic route in Palma.

Purohotel Palma
Discover why Puro hotel Oasis Urbano is the best hotel in Mallorca for a gastronomic tourism holiday.

Suppose you are one of those who study in depth the profiles, reviews and comments of the top-rated restaurants on TripAdvisor because when you visit a city, you want to eat well on holiday. In that case, Puro's gastronomic route will make you drool: from breakfast to dinner, the gourmet experience is at hand when you stay or visit Puro Hotels.



Start the day with one of the best hotel breakfasts in Palma. We know that it is the most important meal of the day, so we have worked hard to offer, in our boutique hotels in the centre of Palma, colourful and different hotel breakfasts, with healthy food options, such as avocado and salmon toast or the Eggs Benedict that you can find in our breakfast buffet every morning, as well as cold cuts and local seasonal products, and classics such as our Bloody Mary. Yes, you read that right: Bloody Mary for breakfast. You're on holiday in Mallorca, so why not start celebrating in the morning?


The best brunch in Mallorca

If you had a wild night out at Beatnik Restaurant & Bar, the restaurant of Puro hotel Oasis Urbano, and one of the most famous DJ bars in Palma, and you're having trouble getting up early... Maybe you won't make it to your complimentary breakfast, but you will be on time for our mid-morning meal because at Puro Grand Hotel, our 5* hotel located just a few steps away from our Puro hotel Oasis Urbano, they serve one of the best brunches in Palma. 

If you prefer to enjoy breakfast or a delicious brunch by the sea, Purobeach Palma and Purobeach Illetas, our two beach clubs in Mallorca, offer full-flavoured gastronomic experiences, which are, without a doubt, one of the best plans in Mallorca for  holidays.


Restaurants for lunch or dinner by the sea

Whether you are on holiday in Palma or a Palma resident, we are sure that one of your perfect plans for summer is to enjoy a delicious meal in front of the sea or to dine under the stars. Purobeach Palma and Purobeach Illetas offer some of the best restaurants with sea views in Mallorca, where you can enjoy the international cuisine of M3 Cuisine, Purobeach's gastronomic hallmark, directed by chef Albert Amer.

If you have dinner at Purobeach Palma, you can also contemplate one of the best sunsets in Mallorca: the ideal moment to toast with a couple of cocktails by the sea.

If you want a different summer experience, we suggest you take the fast ferry (just 2 hours) to our neighbouring island and visit our new beach club in the Balearic Islands: Purobeach Menorca, which is due to open this summer and offering one of the best restaurants for lunch or dinner by the sea in Menorca.


Restaurants for dinner in the centre of Palma

Beatnik Restaurant & Bar Palma is situated in the heart of Puro hotel Oasis Urbano and is perfect if you want to enjoy creative gastronomy in Palma and the liveliest nighttime atmosphere with live music from the best DJs in town.

The most exclusive area of Beatnik Restaurant & Bar, known as Beatnik Grand, is situated in Puro Grand Hotel and offers a sophisticated atmosphere to savour the fusion cuisine of Beatnik Restaurants brand. You can also dine in the open-air inner courtyard of this 5* hotel in La Lonja, Palma.

The Merchants, located in Palacio Can Marques, our Grand Luxe hotel in Palma, is another of our restaurants in Palma Old Town and offers you the chance to enjoy an evening of grilled meat and seafood.

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