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Our hotel with spa in Palma de Mallorca, Puro Hotel, has a spa with everything you need to relax and unwind

The Mediterranean lifestyle in Mallorca tempts you to spend time enjoying the good things in life and pleasant moments in unique environments. One such place where you can do so is our hotel with an urban spa in Palma, Puro Hotel. Renowned for its superb location and first-class facilities, it offers everything you need to relax and unwind.

Our hotel with spa in Palma de Mallorca, Puro Hotel, has a spa with everything you need to relax and unwind on your holiday. Swimming pools, Jacuzzis, saunas, massage cabins and treatments... there are also luxurious spaces on the rooftop terraces, where you can enjoy body and facial treatments with breathtaking views.

If you've spent the day wandering the narrow streets of the Old Town or sunbathing in the island's secluded coves, you'll love nothing more than ending the day at an urban spa in Palma.

Disconnection is an essential part of a complete holiday, and it is important to relax, relieve stress and reconnecting with oneself. Because we love taking care of our guests and relaxation is part of the experience, we will give you all you need to pay a visit to Puro Hotel with spa in Palma.

Why visit spa hotels in Palma?

There are many reasons why you should visit an urban spa in Palma. If you want to relax on your holiday, our Puro Hotel therapists offer you all kinds of health and beauty treatments.

Would you like a relaxing massage or a facial treatment specially adapted to restore and repair the skin? In addition to a wide range of beauty treatments, our spa offers luxurious facilities such as a sauna, whirlpool and spectacular swimming pools.

Learn more about the benefits of visiting our urban spa hotel in Palma on your holiday below.

Psychological benefit

In addition to physical improvements, the spa helps you reduce stress, anxiety and tension, which are common problems for many people today. Leave the stress of everyday life behind in our spa.

It also improves self-esteem through better physical health. This leads to better emotional balance and a sense of well-being, which conduces to feeling good.

Improved physical appearance

A spa offers various aesthetic treatments to shape your figure to your liking. A spa hotel offers a range of services, from manicures, pedicures and traditional facials to exfoliations, peelings and innovative massage techniques.

Benefits for the body

There are many physical benefits to be obtained after a spa treatment. In particular, they help relieve pain and muscle strains in various areas of the body.

Relax with facial and body treatments. At Puro Hotel we like to take care of you during your stay while paying attention to every detail. You can see the treatments we offer on our website.

Treatments offered by our urban spa at Puro Hotel

At our urban spa in Palma, Mallorca, Puro Spa, we care about your physical and psychological health. It is our principal interest when attending to our clients.

In this sense, meditation, yoga practice, massage and relaxation are the main activities we provide for the well-being of our guests. We believe that by combining these four options we can achieve the total disconnection for our guests.

We also provide detoxification treatments and body massage rituals. For facial treatments, we use Morjana, with a variety of natural ingredients that suit each skin type. At the end of your Puro Spa experience, you can opt for a meditation or yoga session. It is an experience like no other.

What are the services offered?

As we mentioned before, our main objective is your well-being and health. For this reason, our services are focused on helping you reduce the stress of everyday life.

Find your holiday option here:


Helps to restore your consciousness, balance your mind and control your emotions. With our meditation exercises, you will find yourself and rebuild your spiritual strength.

 Yoga practice

Yoga has many physical and mental benefits, including better physical posture, confident decision making and a greater connection with oneself.


With our full body massage, you will be transported to a parallel world of bliss and peace. The ultimate goal is to rejuvenate the body and clear the mind.

Inspired by sea waves, we aim to bring a full sense of peace and well-being to the skin. In addition, we use essential oils that will give you greater pleasure in every sensation.

Detoxifying treatments

This is a gentle, pain-free massage that uses a series of strokes and movements to transport and drain fluid from the body to the lymph nodes.

Choose Puro Hotel

The hotels in Palma de Mallorca with spa are the ideal places for your vacation in Mallorca. But, at Puro Hotel, you will find everything you are looking for in one place.

As we are located in Palma Old Town, you will be just a short walk away from the most beautiful places in Mallorca.

And that's not all! Our urban spa in Palma in Mallorca is one of the few located in the centre. We provide you with everything you need to have fun and relax at the same time.

If you stay at our hotel, you will enjoy a pleasant experience in an unbeatable atmosphere.

Furthermore, due to its modern Mediterranean design, Puro Hotel Palma has beautifull spaces that will leave a lasting memory, including its restaurant, Beatnik, where you can enjoy unique cuisine and the unsurpassed flavor of fusion cuisine.


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