Urban hotel in Palma

Purohotel Palma
The Puro Urban Hotel guarantees comfort, proximity to the most recommended areas

Benefits of staying in an urban hotel


Rural inns, boutique hotels, or luxury resorts, to name a few. There's a hotel for almost any type of personality but, unquestionably, the urban hotel is one of our top favourites. It guarantees comfort, proximity to the most recommended areas, and it usually stands out for its exquisite, personalised service.

There are several reasons why you should stay at an urban hotel, so we've selected a couple of them to help you decide. Additionally, we will also show you why staying at an urban hotel in Palma for your next holiday is the best option, and why Purohotel Palma will captivate you from minute one.


Why stay in an urban hotel


Boutique and urban hotels stand out for their novel concept, which breaks the norm and distances itself from the outdated services offered by traditional hotels and resorts, where one never really feels "special". However, what are the advantages of staying in an urban hotel?


Central location

Any top urban hotel must be located strategically in a trendy city area. If you're staying at an urban hotel, this is undoubtedly the main advantage. Don't stress, jot down the staff's recommendations and calmly visit all the city "musts".



It seems obvious, but if you don't want to stress out and want to be well-connected and near the major spots, you need an urban hotel. Why? Pretty simple, because it's the most comfortable option! That way you can easily walk or take a bike ride to the most popular areas in the city, and you'll probably be right by the most famous bars and restaurants anyway.


Exclusive and personalised service

Boutique and urban hotels were notoriously famous in the 80s and 90s, though their popularity has only skyrocketed since then. This phenomenon isn't strange, because who doesn't love to feel at home while away from it? The idea of offering a much more personalised and unique service to guests is a must in any urban hotel, which is something you don't find at most traditional resorts.


The ideal size

As many people say, sometimes great things come in small packages, and that's what usually happens with urban hotels. It's funny, but you really don't always need a huge hotel or apartment to ensure that your holidays are spot on, but often, much rather the contrary.

An urban hotel usually has between 15 and 100 unique rooms, as well as many luxurious common areas, and that allows them to focus on the little details. You know, the important details, those that surprise you and make your stay a memorable one.


Groundbreaking themes and concepts

If you want something fresh and out of the box, you won't go wrong with an urban boutique hotel. Commonly, these hotels stand out for their strong emphasis on the hotel's concept and a very well-defined aesthetic, both serving as a striking emblem of the place. The idea is that, as soon as you see their characteristic interior design or their brand colours, you recognise the pattern and associate it with what will soon be your home for a few days. You can find from a library-style urban hotel to one with a cowboy theme, or built specifically for electronic music or retro bike lovers. There's one for all!


Why choose an urban hotel in Palma


Above all, being close to the main monuments and landmarks is essential. Staying at an urban hotel in Palma city centre will allow you to be just a stone's throw away from these major spots, such as Palma Cathedral (La Seu), Es Baluard museum, or distinguished cafés like Ca'n Joan De S'aigo. Whether you want to explore the city by foot or on a bike, staying at one of these hotels is your best choice if you want to do so stress-free.

On the other hand, also choose an urban hotel in Palma if you want to feel like a local. You'll instantly go from being just another tourist to being a part of the great Majorcan family. It is becoming increasingly popular for travellers to seek that "local feel", and the majority of urban boutique hotels on the island's capital focus on just that.

Also, we can't ignore the fact that, if you stay in an urban hotel in Palma, you'll get to enjoy a prime cocktail + rooftop experience at sundown in the most fashionable way. It's unquestionably one of the most popular experiences! So, take note: choose a fine urban hotel with rooftop and incredible views to the city.


Purohotel Palma, your oasis and urban hotel in Palma

Now that you know why an urban hotel in Palma is your best option, and understand the features it must have, choosing the right one won't be that tough. Considered a true urban oasis by many locals and visitors, Purohotel Palma surely is your top choice in the city centre. Here's why:


Privileged location

Purohotel Palma is right in the city centre, in Palma's beautiful old town. Just a short walk away there's the old fishermen's neighbourhood of Santa Catalina, which has now become the hippest spot where Majorcans and visitors meet up for drinks and vermouth at the trendy bars and restaurants. Plus, only a few metres from the hotel you'll find the Palma Cathedral, Es Baluard Museum, the Fundación La Caixa, Paseo del Borne walkway, and the famous Jaime III street (where a shopping trip is a must!).


Urban Oasis

An authentic urban oasis, that's how locals and returning island visitors like to call it. We must admit it's no wonder. Purohotel Palma has conceived a new travelling lifestyle that could well be defined as pure "cosmopolitan relaxation". It's an urban hotel that perfectly combines the Mediterranean essence with the typical Majorcan character and a modern, fresh, laid-back style that is nothing short of relaxing. Imagine stylish Bali beds set out on the rooftop, perfect to enjoy the sunset, and gorgeous private courtyards in which to unwind or enjoy your favourite book. Now imagine all of that right at the heart of Palma city.


Exclusive experiences

The hotel has been carefully thought-out to ensure that you don't miss a single thing while away from home. For this reason, there are numerous experiences for you to enjoy and help make the most out of your Mediterranean holiday. Purohotel Palma offers the "Miami Grill", an authentic urban, rooftop BBQ every Wednesday, the "Lazy Friday" afternoons to enjoy tapas and drinks with a view, the "Let's Eat Together!" experience for groups and the "Sunset Experience" with cocktails and DJs at sundown. Ah! And let's not forget about the incredible Purobeach Pack, that'll include an elite, chill day at the most exclusive beach club in Majorca. That means you just lay down, relax and enjoy the sun while sipping on your cocktail.


Eco-friendly transport

If you stay at Purohotel Palma, you'll be able to comfortably get to the main landmarks, areas and famous restaurants by foot. However, if you don't want to walk or you want to explore a little further, the hotel provides two different eco-friendly transport methods. For bike lovers, there's the electric GoCycle bicycle, but if you prefer a little more excitement, choose the eMoto and discover the island in style without harming the environment. Easy and eco-friendly!


Puro SPA, a clear favourite

What's an urban hotel without a dream spa? Purohotel Palma is home to Puro SPA, an oasis dedicated to pampering your body, mind and soul. There, you'll find numerous wellness treatments, both facials or for your body, that'll boost your energy after a long day exploring the city.

Enjoy from a stimulating massage "Detox in Mallorca" to a revolutionary "Facial Glow", or an exclusive foot or hand reflexology treatment. Additionally, note that Purospa only uses natural and 100% organic products from Sea Skin brand or its own Puro SPA Collection, made by experts with your needs in mind. At Puro SPA, there's only room for happiness, relaxation and sophistication.


So that's all for today! Now you know why choosing an urban hotel for your next holiday will be the best option, especially if you're planning to visit Palma and want to be in the centre of everything going on.  If you'd like to enjoy the island to the fullest, we'll be awaiting your arrival in Purohotel Palma.