Top landmarks of Palma de Mallorca

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There are many secrets hidden in the streets of Palma, some of them are the historical monuments.

There are many secrets hidden in the streets of Palma, some of them are the historical monuments that you can find walking around its awesome streets. History of Mallorca goes back for thousands of years, what means that you will find several monuments.

Both in the center of Palma, and on the outskirts, there are lots of monuments that represent part of this story. During your holidays in Mallorca you will come across walks such as Paseo des Born, Las Ramblas or S’Hort del Rei, where some of Palma's best-known statues are located.

But today we are going to talk to you about the great landmarks of Palma de Mallorca. Those places are a must in your trip to Mallorca. Some are very known sites, but others not so much. So today we are going to explain all of them so you don't miss any of them.


Palma Cathedral

Talking about Palma without talking about the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, is almost saying nothing. Located on the seafront, it has a privileged position. Its Gothic style is characterized by ornaments such as the gargoyles that are located on its facades.

Palma Cathedral is also known as the Basilica of Santa María. This was opened in 1229, and even having undergone changes, it still maintains the same essence. It is built on the old Madina Mayurka mosque, which was destroyed for the creation of this new space.

This icon of Mallorca can be visited every day of the year, and sometimes the terraces of the Cathedral of Palma have been open to the public.


Bellver Castle

Bellver Castle is located just a few kilometers from Palma. It was ordered to be built at the beginning of the 14th century by King Jaime II. It has a strategic location, because from it you have panoramic views of Palma to see if pirates or enemy troops arrived.

Its name also has to do with its location, because the old Catalan "bellver" meant “nice eyesight”. It is also Gothic in style, and unique in the world: it is one of the few round castles in the world, and undoubtedly the oldest of them. It is one of the most important monuments in Palma.

This unique place can be visited. Both the forests that surround it, through which it is common to walk, and the interior of the Bellver Castle. It can be visited every day of the year except Monday. The schedule changes depending on the time of year.


Almudaina Palace

The Almudaina Palace is located right next to the Cathedral of Mallorca. This incredible place dates from the 14th century and is one of the official residences of the Kings. Even though it is not the place where they reside in their stays in Mallorca. In this place, they only celebrate the annual reception.

It can be visited every day of the year except for holidays and for special events. In the Almudaina Palace you can visit different rooms and typical Mallorcan patios.

On special days, concerts are often held. Inside the Palace you will discover typical Mallorcan rooms where you will appreciate interesting details.


La Lonja de Palma

Located just a few meters from the sea and the harbour of Palma, is the old Palma fish market. In the past, this place was where Palma fish was sold. It was built in 1420.

This building is also Gothic style and has 4 different areas, separated by helical columns. After the Palma fish market, others cities did the same, such as the Valencia fish market. Moreover, there is a friendly and good atmosphere around the fish market. It is a place full of restaurants where you can have lunch and dinner and even have a drink!

The Palma fish market is listed as a site of cultural interest. This is due to the value that this building has in terms of architecture. The arches of this building are also spectacular and unique.


Es Baluard

Es Baluard is the Museum of Contemporary Art in Palma. Located on the wall of Palma, it is a unique place to meet the artists of Mallorca and worldwide. It is a place with awesome views towards the Bay of Palma.

The construction has typical structures of Majorcan architecture. As the great patio and the aljup. Aljup is an Arabic word that means well. It was the place where water was collected in the past.

Es Baluard also has a terrace and a restaurant where you can have a drink or eat. From there you have a panoramic view from the Cathedral of Palma to the Bellver Castle. Without a doubt, this museum is worth a walk.


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