The weather in Palma

Purohotel Palma
With over 300 wonderful sunny days, it gives us slightly hotter summers and relatively mild winters.

The weather in Palma is both impressive and captivating. With over 300 wonderful sunny days, it gives us slightly hotter summers and relatively mild winters.

This makes it the perfect place to go for your holidays, not just for its Mediterranean weather, but also for the luxurious hotels that you will find there.

The best place to go for your holidays

Palma is a pretty city located on the island of Majorca, Spain, whose popularity has grown considerably thanks to its tourist appeal.

If you want to go on holiday to Palma but you are not sure where to stay, don’t worry! The city has many hotels.  

For those tourists who prefer to wander around the city centre, Palma offers hotels that will truly amaze you, and this is one of them. It is also the perfect choice if you want to get the most from such a captivating city.  

Discover it

You will be more connected to Palma’s historic attractions. This hotel does not just stand out because of its impressive appearance, but also because of its interior.

To tell the truth, we could say that it has the most spectacular façade, as it is very attractive to look at.

Despite being located within the urban area, the views are quite surprising, we even dare to say that, just by looking out of the window and closing your eyes, you can feel the gentle breeze from the sea.

It has everything that you look for in a hotel. It is modern, dependable, safe, and of course, comfortable. Something that we can assure you of is that it has not lagged behind with its technology.  

Its versatility as an “urban hotel” makes it the best place, whether for tourism or for business. It is ideal for those who want to get away from their routine a little bit and devote some time to themselves.  This charming hotel has:

- Rooms where the design has changed over time in order to offer only the best to our guests. The changes have been carried out to provide the highest level of comfort.
- Skilled and friendly staff, to offer the best service.
- An environment which is comfortable and tranquil, “ideal for having a good holiday”.
- Reception service available throughout 24 hours each day.
- Recreation areas.
- Room service and much more.

If you want to enjoy a modern environment which is also tranquil and welcoming, this hotel could be the best choice for you. 

A worry-free location

During the months when the heat envelopes the lovely city of Palma, you don’t need to worry. The hotel has terraces where you can enjoy the weather and, of course, appreciate the captivating streets of the city. It is a welcoming place even during the winter.

You will find nothing but the best service here, including a gastronomy that will make you want to try more. The hotel offers its guests traditional regional dishes and the very popular wines of the city, all at prices that are very easy on the wallet.

More than incredible

This place is not just spectacular during the day. It really has everything you are looking for in a hotel. Why? Because it can even offer you the best atmosphere during the evening, and you can even enjoy the best sunrises that Palma can offer.

You decide whether to travel alone or in company. No matter which you choose, you will enjoy an unforgettable holiday that only this hotel can provide.

Because of its excellent location, you can see the attractive city sights from the window of your room. Furthermore, if you want to use the room as a “workspace” you can do this, as it offers a peaceful environment.

The price-quality relationship it offers is more than acceptable. When you go to Palma and visit this luxurious and charming hotel, you will not hesitate in staying there at least one night so that you can enjoy its charms.

If you want to travel during the hot season, it is best to visit the hotel during July and August, when the average temperature reaches 32°C. Although, if you prefer a cooler climate, the January temperature of 9.3°C may make this your favourite month.