The best gastronomic markets in Mallorca

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Bite into the Mallorcan island

Does your mouth water as soon as you hear about gastronomic markets? Eating and drinking delicious and original treats is one of the greatest pleasures in life. At Puro we fully understand this, and not only do we apply this philosophy in our hotel and restaurant, but since we’re all foodies, we know all about the trendiest gastronomic markets on the island too. Are you coming on a holiday to Mallorca? We’ve got you covered. Keep your eyes peeled to discover the best gastronomic markets in Mallorca and its capital city, Palma. Let’s begin!

1. Mercat 1930

The Mercat 1930 is among the most recent gastronomic markets in Mallorca (inaugurated in 2017), but we must say it perfectly combines modern innovation with the charm and glamour of the good old days.

Located right in the Paseo Marítimo of Palma, by the famous nightclub Tito’s, this gastronomic market has become one of the most popular ones. It has an indoor area as well as an outdoor terrace with many different foods and drinks stalls, where you’ll find from sushi to gourmet burgers, Spanish serrano ham, innovative Mediterranean cuisine and even typical “pintxos” from northern Spain. Of course, let’s not forget about the healthy food stalls that are there too, and the many beers, wine and cocktail options available all across the market.

The best of all, apart from the food, is its impressive location right in front of the port, which makes it an idyllic place to enjoy the night scene in Palma with stunning views.

2. Mercat de Santa Catalina

As the name indicates, this market is located in the famous neighbourhood of Santa Catalina, nowadays one of the trendiest ones on the island. If we are to talk about gastronomic markets in Mallorca, this is one of the first to come to mind.

Since it wasn’t initially founded as a gastronomic market as such, but rather a local food market with various fruit, veggie, fish and meat stalls, the Mercat de Santa Catalina opens quite early in the morning and closes at around 5 pm. As well as the stalls selling fresh local produce, you’ll also find many other foodie stalls and bars where you can stop for a typical nibble and a drink right in the heart of Palma.

3. Mercado Gastronómico San Juan

The San Juan market is undoubtedly one of the best gastronomic markets in Mallorca and is certainly one of the most visited ones. The Mercado Gastronómico San Juan is located within the cultural centre of S’Escorxador, in Palma, and offers a delicious, varied and economic gastronomic offer. Additionally, since it has numerous terraces, people flock here in the summer and fill these up immediately.

4. Mercat de l’Olivar

Just like the famous Santa Catalina Market, the Mercat de l’Olivar was founded as, and still is, a local food market. However, in recent years, it has also become a bit of a gastronomic market too, seeing many delicious food stalls, small “restaurants” and bars pop up to delight our taste buds.

If you come to Mallorca, visiting this market is a definite must. It is a historic market located in the Plaza del Olivar, by the famous Plaza España in Palma. The market is immensely popular for being the biggest, most complete and most visited one in the city, being home to dozens of fish, meat, fruit and vegetable stalls among others. Therefore, you will probably be able to watch hundreds of locals go to the market on the weekend particularly to stock up on Mallorcan delicacies.

Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier, in recent years numerous bars and stalls have popped up too, where we can enjoy freshly-cooked Mediterranean fish, tapas, sushi and even fresh oysters with champagne.

Where to stay in Palma with style

To enjoy a complete, stress-free holiday in Palma, your best option is to choose a centric hotel with all the necessary services and commodities. If you value comfort and design but want to stay near the best gastronomic markets and restaurants, you must choose a luxurious boutique hotel in Palma.

Purohotel Palma

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Purohotel Palma has 51 design rooms, a restaurant, bar and an incredible rooftop where you can enjoy the best city views. The best about the hotel yet? Its excellent location. The hotel is situated in the famous neighbourhood of La Lonja, near the trendiest bars, stores, restaurants, gastronomic markets and monuments such as the Palma Cathedral.

We hope you enjoyed this latest post about the best gastronomic markets in Mallorca, and that you now feel encouraged to discover the island through its incredible cuisine. See you soon!