Spa in Palma de Mallorca

Purohotel Palma
Among the streets of Palma you will find few places where you can relax as much as in a Spa, we recommend t

Among the streets of Palma you will find few places where you can relax as much as in a Spa, we recommend the best: Puro Spa. A Spa in the heart of Palma de Mallorca where you will enjoy and relax leaving the stress of day to day aside for a few hours.

Inside Puro Hotel you will find this wonderful spa that you will undoubtedly love. It is not only a Spa, but it is a place where you can have endless pleasant experiences. We use the best products and methods to relax your body and mind.

At Puro Group we want you to live a million experiences and make the most of your stay and the Spa. That is why we offer you specific treatments tailored to your needs, so that in this way you feel relaxed, rested and full of vitality, to face the day.

Wellness Puro Spa

Entering our Puro Spa means forgetting the world. Our goal, through our treatments, is to relax your body, so that in this way you relax and calm your mind.

Guided by our professional team, we help you find the balance between massage and meditation techniques to achieve maximum comfort. We also use aromatherapy to create a unique experience.

We work with natural and organic cosmetics, with essential ingredients to achieve  perfect and excellent results. Our products are authentic jewels for your skin and their concept is identified with our Mediterranean lifestyle.

Treatments and complete circuits

Among the different options we offer at Puro Spa we find complete circuits with different treatments. We try to make you travel to different times and places in the world through aromatherapy, with a variety of essential oils.

Morjana products are also used, which are exclusive products made in France. All of them made with natural ingredient that together with aromatherapy will stimulate all your senses.

That is why at Puro Spa we use this technique. These specialized treatments that are tailored to your skin and needs. In this way we will create the perfect combination for your skin and body, also helping your mind.

Benefits of Puro Spa

Puro Spa wants you to feel good. Not just physically but mentally. For this reason, not only performs massages and treatments, but also offers meditation, yoga and relaxation classes so that your whole body comes in complete harmony.

All the products used in Puro Spa are of plant origin. For the Puro group, the environment is very important; therefore we only use products that respect it. We also think that it is the most natural thing for the body, and we want it to be reflected in the results of our treatments.

All this makes the Puro Spa experience perfect for you. With all the benefits and reasons that we offer you, do not doubt that Puro Spa is the best Spa in Palma. It also provides you with many experiences that you will not find in other Spas and that we will tell you below.

Puro Hotel

Puro Spa is located inside the Puro Hotel, in the very heart of Palma, just a few meters from spots such as the Cathedral or the well-known Paseo del Borne. Taking a pleasant stroll you can discover these magnificent places.

Apart from Puro Spa, we offer a unique and delicious restaurant, Beatnik, located on our spectacular rooftop in Palma. It is certainly the place to eat or cool off after enjoying the different treatments Puro spa.

At Puro Hotel we offer various luxury rooms, so you can rest in the center of Palma. For those large groups we offer our apartment. A place where you can be with your loved ones, with the privacy and tranquility that you are looking for.

Puro Hotel is the urban oasis you have been looking for. Perfect to relax during your holidays in Mallorca. We are also located very close to Purobeach, so you can enjoy all Puro services, in a very small radius.

What distinguishes us the most is our perfect location. Not only to walk around Palma and discover the most beautiful corners of the city, but also because we are surrounded by an area of friendly atmosphere and leisure. La Lonja is the ideal place to eat, dine and taste different cocktails. A few meters from the sea and the Port of Palma, you can enjoy the Paseo Marítimo that surrounds the entire coast of Palma, ideal for walking and relaxing.

Are you going to miss it? We are waiting for you this summer at Puro Hotel & Spa.