September in Mallorca

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August is over, but that doesn't mean summer is over. September on the island of Mallorca is one of the bes

August is over, but that doesn't mean summer is over. September on the island of Mallorca is one of the best months. The wearisome summer heat finishes and leaves perfect autumnal weather for exploring and discovering the most hidden corners of the island of Mallorca.


While it is true that Mallorca is awesome at any time of the year, September in Mallorca is magic. The influx of people begins to decrease and it is easier to get to know the island better. The temperatures of Mallorca in September are ideal for excursions to the unspoiled and unknown beaches of the island.


Therefore, if you are organizing your holidays in Mallorca in September, do not hesitate and book now. Surely, it is the best time to get to know the most authentic and traditional side of Mallorca.


Beaches in Mallorca


Due to the high temperatures of the summer in Mallorca, there are beaches that you stop visiting because you have to make small excursions to reach them, and it is actually very hard: the heat overwhelms you and you prefer to go to beaches of easy access. That is why today we are going to recommend to you some beaches in Mallorca that you can access by making small and pleasant excursions in September in Mallorca.


We are going to recommend all kinds of beaches. Sandy beaches, pebble beaches, small ports converted into coves ... All the different types of beaches that you can find in Mallorca: all of them with their special particularities, which make them unique.


Cala Na Clara


Located in the northeast of Mallorca, very close to Betlem, you will find this beautiful sandy beach. Cala na Clara is one of the most unspoilt beaches in Mallorca. Its name is given by its crystalline and transparent waters. It certainly looks like a natural pool.


From the parking lot to the cove, it is an excursion of just 20 minutes. The first part is easy and accessible, and will lead you to a viewpoint of the Bay of Alcudia. Once there you will have to go down a small ramp until you reach Cala na Clara. It is advisable to wear closed shoes.


As it is a virgin beach, it does not have any type of service. Therefore, do not forget to take everything you need to make your day at the beach perfect. And even if it's September in Mallorca, don't forget the sun cream!


Es Coll Baix


Among the cliffs in the north of Mallorca we find Coll Baix. It is a stunning unspoilt cove in Mallorca. September is the ideal time to visit it, thanks to the good weather in Mallorca during this month.


To get there you have to walk 20 to 30 minutes, depending on where you park your car. It is a dirt road, a bit steep, so comfortable and closed shoes are also recommended. Once you get to the cove you will find an idyllic place, so is a worthwhile walk!


Es Coll Baix is a beach of small stones. It is a virgin beach, so it does not have any service available. It is located in full nature. It is common to find Mallorcan goats walking along the beach, which creates a unique atmosphere.


Cala Banyalbufar


In the Serra de Tramuntana, in the western part of Mallorca, you can find Cala Banyalbufar. It is a rocky cove, but it has a smooth area perfect for sunbathing.


Access to this beach is not difficult: there are some stairs that lead you directly to the beach. This cove is located in the town of Banyalbufar, which deserves to be visited, both before and after your day at the beach.


Cala Banyalbufar has a natural spring of fresh water. From the top of the cliff that covers the cove, an ideal spring of water comes out to cool off. The water is always very fresh, as it comes from the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana.


Villages of Mallorca


Due to the high temperatures of the summer in Mallorca, strolling through different villages summer could be actually very hard. Therefore, in September, when the sun goes down, there is no better plan than to visit the different towns of the island.


The towns of Mallorca are very different from each other: we can distinguish three different ones: the ones located in the center of Mallorca, the summer and coastal towns and finally the towns of the Serra de Tramuntana. So today we are going to tell you a little about some of them and about Palma, the capital of Mallorca.




In the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, Deià is a fairytale town. It is the place chosen by many celebrities who want to buy a house in Mallorca. Robert Graves, Michael Douglas, Gabriel García Márquez ... It may be due to its natural charm and the special atmosphere of the town. Among its stone houses and winding streets you will find bars and restaurants with live music and a unique atmosphere.




Binissalem belongs to the heart of the island. It stands out for its stone houses and family atmosphere, but especially for the wine. This town was a pioneer in the production of wine in Mallorca, and that is why the Binissalem festivities are held during the month of September. With its green fields, full of vineyards, you can learn about the process of wine making, which creates the oldest denomination of origin in Mallorca.


Palma de Mallorca


The city of Palma is a magical place. It may be because of the variety of historical monuments that you can find in it or because of the great atmosphere that you will find in its streets. Certainly it is the best place to choose your hotel in Mallorca, so that from this starting point, you can get to know the rest of the island.


Puro Hotel


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