The Taste of Improvement

Purohotel Palma
The new menu at Opio Bar & Restaurant Palma will tempt all lovers of good gastronomy

Leon, chef of Opio Bar & Restaurant Palma, sits at one of the restaurant's tables  ready to answer our questions. He is relaxed but pensive at the same time making him look more serious than he is in reality. 

But Leon is like his kitchen; sincere and authentic, and his veil of seriousness is dropped with the first question. It sparks a twinkling in his eyes that is common with all those that dedicate themselves to what they love. Listening to Leon talk about Opio Bar & Restaurant's new menu awakens, not only the appetite, but also the curiosity to know if the passion with which he responds will also reveal the secret of the indescribable flavours contained in his new gastronomic offer.

-León, from the 23rd March, Opio Bar & Restaurant Palma, presents a new gastronomic menu. Tell us about it.

This new proposal is the reflection, without doubt, of our improvement. It is a commitment to quality in which each recipe has been tested until it reaches the point of excellence. And it would be impossible to achieve such a result, without a prior process of product selection. The raw materials used in this new menu have been patiently chosen by our team and they are so exquisite that they hardly need accompaniment. We could say that the menu offers purified, authentic and intense flavours that are rooted in the essence of the product and the delicacy of each ingredient.

- What kind of food can we find in this new menu? What are the main courses?

The new gastronomic proposal remains faithful to Opio's style: based in the Mediterranean and enriched with international touches, offering unique flavours thanks to the balanced mixture of spices that characterises our cuisine. We designed the new menu while thinking of all types of guests and palates. We also cater for vegetarians, with vegetable chips, hummus, beans.. I can highly recommend our beetroot carpaccio which is incredibly tasty.


I would also recommend our delicious Corvina (name of the dish), a tribute to my origins in Uruguay where it is typical to meet up and enjoy this fish on a charcoal grill. At Opio we have reinvented this dish by cooking it "a la meunière" and accompanying it with potato escalibada. We create a unique, soft, delicate flavour for the diner to enjoy a mixture of delightful taste combinations.


And what can I say about our about our octopus dish? It is a big favourite with our most frequent customers. We grill the octopus here, achieving a smoky touch that makes it unmistakable. A simple dish that finds its greatness, as we said, in the quality of the product. We accompany it with black garlic alioli, giving it an exotic touch and enhancing its flavour.



- What is the latest news this season at Opio Bar & Restaurant Palma?

This season we are open all day with a new gastronomic menu. Our tapas selection can be enjoyed on the rooftop of Purohotel Palma and we also have chef's suggestions at night, allowing us to improvise with the products and giving free rein to our creativity to achieve what keeps us hooked to this profession: surprising our guests with an experience in excellent flavours.



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