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Purohotel Palma
If you are looking for a pleasant and perfect vacation, Palma is the perfect city.

If you are looking for a pleasant and perfect vacation, Palma is the perfect city. It doesn't matter what time of year you visit Mallorca: you can enjoy Mallorca and the beautiful capital of Palma throughout the year.

If you are looking for accommodation in Mallorca, do not hesitate to choose Puro Hotel Palma. This is an incredible boutique hotel in the heart of Palma. We are located in the exclusive area of La Lonja, just a few meters from the sea and the harbor of Palma.

You can enjoy the center of Palma like never before, surrounded by a friendly atmosphere. Another interesting plan is that you can also visit all the different historical monuments of Palma. If that is what you are looking for during your holidays in Mallorca, continue reading!

Palma de Mallorca

Palma is the capital of Mallorca. It is located in the southwestern part of the island and every year it has more and more visitors because there are many reasons why it is worth discovering Mallorca.

Some of the reasons that make this city interesting and awesome are: the incredible historical monuments, the good and unique shopping, and the art galleries in the heart of the city. There are many corners that you have to visit during your holidays in Palma. Don't forget about the amazing restaurants in the area.

A quick guide to starting visiting Palma…The beautiful Harbor of Palma and its promenade, for example, are a good place to start. In it you will find different environments, ideal for any time of the day. The Paseo Marítimo de Palma runs from the Porto Pi Shopping Center to beyond El Arenal.

Many of the places you must visit in Mallorca are located in Palma. The Cathedral of Mallorca, the Arab baths in the old town of Palma, or the Bellver Castle, is a must during your holidays in Mallorca.


Mallorca is one of the most special Mediterranean places. It could be because of the weather in Mallorca or because of all the interesting places to visit in Mallorca. From the heart of the mountains of Mallorca, to the most beautiful beaches of Mallorca.

Therefore, if you travel to Mallorca, do not hesitate to visit all these places: villages in the Serra de Tramuntana, the most beautiful coves on the island or the beautiful capital of Mallorca. In all these corners of Mallorca, you will find everything you need to enjoy unbeatable holidays in Mallorca.

Another good idea if you come to Mallorca, is the option of just relaxing and enjoying: spend your day without plans walking around Palma, or Mallorca. Therefore, one option is to relax in your hotel and enjoy all its facilities.

Therefore, if what you are looking for during your holidays in Mallorca is to lose track of time and enjoy, do not hesitate to choose the best hotel. Surely, if you want to be in the heart of Palma, Puro Hotel Palma is the ideal place for you.

Puro Hotel Palma

Puro hotel Palma is the hotel you are looking for in Mallorca. If you are looking for quality, calm and comfort, this is your perfect accommodation for your holidays. This Hotel that belongs to Puro Group could not be located in a better location: both for being in Mallorca, and for being in the heart of its capital, Palma.

We have to highlight the excellence of all its facilities and services. At Puro Hotel Palma you can enjoy different restaurants. From the incredible rooftop of Puro Hotel with panoramic views of Palma to the different and extraordinary Beatnik restaurant.

Beatnik is a restaurant in Palma that stands out from the rest due to its modern and unique style. It has a completely new cuisine, and you can also find original cocktails and delicious desserts.

On the other hand, Puro Hotel Palma has a small area ideal for relaxing. Its facilities include a beautiful spa in Palma that offers several treatments, massages and meditation techniques: you will be able to relax like never before.

Puro Hotel Palma is notable for its facilities, as well as for the comfort of their rooms: bright, spacious and awarded for their architecture and design. They are the ideal place to rest in Palma.

There are 6 different types of rooms at Puro Hotel Palma so that you can find the one that best suits you for your holidays in Mallorca. But without a doubt, from the Puro Oasis Suite to the Puro Urban Double Room, they will make you want to stay in them forever.

Choosing Puro Hotel Palma as your hotel in Mallorca means that you can enjoy endless experiences: you can find a selection of unique experiences on our website to make your trip to Mallorca unique.

Another advantage that we offer during your stay at Puro Hotel Palma is the possibility of visiting Purobeach Illetas and Purobeach Palma. These are two spaces on the island where you can unwind by the sea.

Purobeach Illetas

Just a few minutes by car from Palma, you will arrive at Purobeach Illetas. A unique space where you can rest and enjoy the good climate in Mallorca. If you want to make the most of your day in Mallorca, do not hesitate to visit this little oasis by the sea.

In it you can discover a unique cuisine, while you swim in the crystal-clear waters of Mallorca. But you can also drink different cocktails and enjoy a variety of beauty treatments ideal for you.

All this listening our Puro music: a selection of top music according to the friendly atmosphere of Puro Beach Illetas. Without a doubt, all this makes Purobeach Illetas a little oasis by the sea.

Purobeach Palma

Closer to Palma, we find Purobeach Palma. It is the ideal place to spend a pleasant afternoon and enjoy a spectacular sunset in Mallorca. But it also has the option of being the place to organize your most special events.

At Purobeach Palma you can enjoy all the spa and beauty treatments. At Purobeach Palma you can rest in beautiful Balinese beds and cool off in a wonderful pool.

Come and enjoy Mallorca in Puro Hotel Palma, with all the services of Purobeach.