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One of the most famous areas of the city of Palma is its old quarter.

One of the most famous areas of the city of Palma is its old quarter. Beyond doubt, it is one of the most beautiful parts of Palma de Mallorca. It is surrounded by the walls that once served to protect the city.

The walls that formerly enclosed the city of Palma were gradually torn down as the city of Palma grew. But there are still areas where the wall is in perfect conditions : some of the main gates of the city of Palma are in perfect conditions.

Palma's wall was built in 1115, but over the years it has been rebuilt up to 5 times. In 1875, due to the Calvet town planning, devised to expand Palma, a large part of it was destroyed.

If you want to continue discovering places to visit in the downtown of Palma and the city in general, keep reading this post! Today we want to tell you everything about the capital of Mallorca.

Palma de Mallorca

This gorgeous city is located by the sea. It is a small town full of amazing corners and leisure. You will always fing something to do in the city.

We have a very rich and interesting shopping: you can find all kinds of stores. From small food delicatessens to world-renowned stores or awesome local shops. In Palma there are 4 main streets where you can find the best shopping. These are: Jaime III, Es Born, Sant Miguel and Unió.

In these streets you will find all kinds of shops, but in the winding streets of Palma you will also discover all kinds of smaller and local bussiness  where you can find everything you are looking for.

In Palma you can also enjoy all kinds of restaurants. The best-known streets of restaurants in Palma are Calle Fábrica, Paseo Mallorca and the area of ??La Lonja. Between these streets you will find the extraordinary Beatnik restaurant. A safe bet if you like fusion restaurants.

Must visit attractions in Palma

There are some places you must visit in the old town of Palma, today we want to tell you about those obligatory stops during your stay in Palma. These are emblematic sites of the old town of Palma. You can't miss them!

The Cathedral

The landmark of the capital city of Palma de Mallorca is the historic Palma Cathedral. In the heart of the city of Palma stands the magnificient 14th century cathedral known as La Seu and, as the most emblematic building in Mallorca’s capital, it’s a must-visit. Its impossible to miss this awesome golden sandstone building: it is one of Europe’s tallest Gothic structures. It is located by the sea, offering a superb view for those arriving by the sea.

Art in Palma

In Palma you will find all kinds of museums. From museums about the history of Mallorca to contemporary art museums. Palma de Mallorca is a city full of art, not only because of its distinctive buildings but because of all the art galleries and museums that you can find in Palma.

One of the best known art museums in Palma is Es Baluard. It is a contemporary art museum located in one of the most spectacular places in Palma. A few kilometers from Palma you will also find the Pilar i Joan Miró Foundation, a place full of works of art by this incredible artist known worldwide.

Mallorcan patios in Palma

In the narrow streets of the old town of Palma you will also find the unique Mallorcan patios of Palma. 

With large open areas dotted with wells, stairs and large flowerpots, they are unique in Balearic arquitecture.

Walking through Palma you will come across these unique Mallorcan patios. There are up to 60 patios in Mallorca. They all have different stories that can be seen reflected in their walls, arches or cobblestones.

Arab baths in Palma

Another of the great historical monuments of the old town of Palma are the Arab baths. When the Arabs were in Mallorca, they left awesome places behind. One of them is these Arab baths in Palma.

The Arab baths of Palma are open to the public and in them you will be able to discover the different rooms that they use. In addition, these baths are one of the few things that remain from the passage of the Arabs in Mallorca, because when Jaume I conquered Mallorca he destroyed some of them.

Puro Hotel Palma

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