León Altamirano, nomadic and Mediterranean cuisine

Purohotel Palma
León Altamirano, chef of OPIO Palma reveals the secrets of his nomadic and Mediterranean gastronomy
In 1995 I had my first contact with the world of gastronomy. Agustín, the chef of an Italian restaurant in Punta del Este (Uruguay), made me his pupil and awakened my passion for this beautiful sector, and nowadays it is not only my profession, but my way of life. This experience inspired me to start training in the I.T.H.U gastronomy school, while working at the same time in restaurants in Montevideo and Punta del Este. This gave me the opportunity to meet the best chefs in the region and learn from them.
When I finished training, I went on a trip to Ferrugem (Brazil) and opened a bar/ restaurant with Alejandro Vota, a chef I was friends with. It was, without doubt, one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. After leaving Brazil, I worked in Venice for a couple of months before arriving in Palma de Mallorca. At first I only intended to visit my friend Roberto, but like many people who come to this captivating island, I completely fell in love with the place and I soon found a job as head chef in the famous Puerto Portals.
 On one of my walks through the charming, cobbled streets of downtown Palma, I found a hotel that was very different from what I had seen so far.  It was the elegantly unique Purohotel Palma, and I was so impressed by this building that I immediately left my C.V and soon after started working in the hotel’s restaurant, OPIO Bar & Restaurant Palma. 

I have been here since 2007, and I feel fortunate to form part of the wonderful Puro family, a place where I have been able to develop my passion, and together with the daily effort of my team, create a gastronomic concept that has been very well received. This concept is based on spices, their balance and combination, achieving a subtle type of alchemy. Spices also contain tremendous medicinal properties and are full of energy and nutrients.


Dishes should be spiced using the correct amount, in proportion to the amount of food used. Spices are so important in our cooking that among our future projects, is the creation of cooking courses designed to learn how to use and combine them to obtain a perfect balance of flavours. This is the OPIO way of cooking, a gastronomy that we define as nomadic-Mediterranean; with a base of fresh, organic and healthy Mediterranean products, relying on spices and ingredients from all corners of the world to offer diners a unique experience. OPIO is, nothing more and nothing less than the result of journeys undertaken, where we learn to combine essential flavors with simplicity and creativity. This is reflected in our menu, which offers seasonal ingredients combined with gastronomic elements that characterize us. It is a successful food concept based on quality intercultural cuisine. The fundamentals for this success are hard work and love for cooking.



I invite all of our readers to come and enjoy the group menus for companies or friends that we have prepared for this year. They are unbeatable value for money, and are menus that are perfect to share, between friends or colleagues, with vegetarian and vegan options also available. Enjoy the essence of our cuisine in OPIO’s cosmopolitan and stylish atmosphere, with the quality sounds of Puro Music and its DJs providing the soundtrack to a fine dining experience. Those who try our group menus will no doubt also ask about our Christmas gastronomic proposals. They are a five-step tasting menu with wine pairing, and for New Year's Eve we have created an original menu of 20 varied tapas, sushi station, cold dishes, barbecue and other signature Puro dishes. In the end, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining, so what people look for when choosing where to eat is something different. That is what we are looking for in OPIO, and what I think we have achieved with our nomadic-Mediterranean cuisine: eating as an adventure. Like life itself. León Altamirano, chef of OPIO Bar & Restaurant Palma.