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Benefits of staying at a Majorca spa hotel

Majorca spa hotels: the ultimate guide


If you’re looking to stay at a Majorca spa hotel but are still undecided about which one to choose or what the best locations are, we’ve got you covered. Spa hotels in Majorca, Spain, are among the top favourite accommodation options when visiting the island, and it’s no wonder!


Benefits of staying at a Majorca spa hotel


Staying at a spa hotel in the Mediterranean island will ensure you get your much-deserved relaxation by the sea after a long day of sightseeing. Just imagine kicking off your sandals and letting go while receiving a soothing head massage right after a fresh dip in the nearby beach.


We sometimes forget to live in the moment and truly enjoy every second we get during a new or exciting experience abroad. It’s fairly easy to get carried away wanting to visit every single major sight or city attraction, fitting it into the travel schedule, and forgetting that hey, you’re supposed to be present and enjoying a new experience in the most famous Balearic Island! Relax, sit back and enjoy the views, every single sunray, crushing wave, or local talk. It will make some unforgettable memories.


Even more so, booking a calming spa experience at a Majorca spa hotel will help you to do just that; it’ll bring your mind to rest and will help enable you to appreciate every moment you have lived up to that moment, or are about to live.


Choosing among the top Majorca spa hotels


Your best option will be to choose a spa hotel in Majorca that is both close to the city and the beach. That way, you will get to enjoy the best of both. Grab a bike and roam the city, visit the Palma Cathedral or go on a shopping spree, and then head off to your spa hotel for a calming or detox massage.


Something that most locals and visitors love in Majorca is enjoying a special luxury treatment that uses organic and local products sourced from the island. Spa hotels offering specific Majorca-focused treatments and natural products are unquestionably the favourite ones.  


Lastly, invest in a spa hotel that offers a luxury service and has an excellent location. Remember that you don’t want to travel 45 long minutes from Palma city all the way back to your spa hotel to enjoy a beautiful foot massage. By the time you get there you’ll probably be feeling more like catching some Z’s instead of anything else. So, make sure you choose your spa hotel in Majorca wisely with all these ideas in mind.


Puro SPA, your ideal spa in Majorca


Following a fully Mediterranean and mindful approach, Puro SPA is bound to captivate you in every possible way. The spa hotel is situated in the city centre but mere minutes from the sea, within one of the favourite urban boutique hotels in Majorca, the Purohotel Palma (renowned as a unique urban oasis).  


Puro SPA is a wild celebration of the 5 senses, and every single treatment and experience has been carefully created under the premise of providing pure relaxation, happiness and disconnection from daily stress.


Luxury service is an understatement. The experts here offer quality treatments for the mind, spirit and body that will leave you feeling beautiful and revitalised. The best part yet? Only organic and ecological products from the Sea Skin brand are used! Plus, Puro SPA has also created its own Puro SPA Collection of products, 100% organic and with unique aromas and textures.


If you choose to visit this spa hotel in Majorca, we absolutely recommend the “Detox in Mallorca” treatment, an incredible body massage of 60 – 90mins using Sea Skin products and accompanied by the best signature chill-out music. It’s undoubtedly a top treatment to eliminate toxins after a city day out. However, if you prefer, there are also various other great treatments and facials available, such as hand or feet reflexology, the reinvigorating facial glow, a purifying body mask, or a beloved “Relax in Marrakech” massage.


If you’re looking for the ultimate perfect stay at a spa hotel in Majorca, you now know where to go and what characteristics to look for. Excellent central location at a boutique hotel, great luxury service, and quality organic products! Now all you have to do is let go, unwind, and enjoy your holiday at a Majorca spa hotel.