How to organise an event in Purohotel

Purohotel Palma
Learn how to organise an event in style wherever you want with Puro Group.

Wondering how to organise an event and do it right, stress-free, and with a whole lot of style? Sounds tricky, but if you do it with Purohotel, we can assure you it’ll be a walk in the park. Imagine someone helping you out through every step of the way to organise the perfect event, offering you a luxury service, and helping you become a wondrous host. It sounds great, and it is. Read along!

What to expect at an event with Purohotel

Without a doubt, they’re notoriously characterised by their classiness, distinction and complete, high-end service. You may choose to celebrate your event anywhere you fancy; at Purohotel Palma, for instance, or in any of the group’s beach clubs, located in Mallorca, Barcelona, Marbella, Portugal and Playa del Carmen. But that’s not all, Puro Group is also able to host your luxurious event outside of its own Puro establishments, but still taking its spectacular essence, service and concept along.

You won’t have to worry about anything, only about choosing what you like the most. The Purohotel team takes care of even the tiniest details to make your event spectacular and unforgettable for your guests. Exquisite cuisine, cutting-edge design, Puro Music’s live music, dreamy locations, and unmatched service.

The staff at all of Puro’s establishments have vast experience managing, designing and celebrating all kinds of events. Keep in mind that it’s internationally renowned and famous for its unique experiences and parties, celebrated yearly all around the world. For this reason, organising your event there also means guaranteed success. If you want to know a little more about organising your event at Purohotel specifically, don’t hesitate to visit the events section over on the website.

Puro Music concept

Puro Music is one of Puro Group’s emblems, as well as a world-famous record label. How does it work? The best musicians and DJs come together to create the most select live music to infuse your event and beach club experience with a dose of rhythm and sophistication. Music has become an essential part of the #puroexperience, as well as a product of its own. In fact, the best beats are compiled in its exclusive albums and CDs, which can be purchased at the establishments to take your fave music home or wherever you like.

The ideal event at a VIP beach club

Beach clubs are certainly a favourite when it comes to celebrating an exclusive event, whether private or corporate. Weddings, meetings, grand birthday bashes, new product launches… whatever you fancy!

The Puro beach clubs offer numerous event spaces, all exquisitely designed, to take your event to the next level. Marvellous events in practical areas, poolside, surrounded by Bali beds while the sun sets, sea views and even grand rooftops. Imagine your beautiful wedding reception or birthday party held at a sophisticated beach club by the Mediterranean Sea, with views to another small island and cheering with a glass of bubbly at sunset.

Other events

Sometimes you don’t feel like organising and just want to attend the best events and most exclusive parties celebrated yearly at both the Purohotel and Purobeach establishments. We certainly recommend you not to miss out on any party held at the Puro beach clubs during the summer season, especially the Grand Openings! Keep your eyes peeled for their events agenda via the websites.