Holidays in Mallorca

Purohotel Palma
At Purohotel you will have all the facilities and services available to you that you may need in Palma

If you are thinking about a holiday in Mallorca, there is no doubt that your first decision should be where you will stay. Mallorca is one of the finest islands of the Mediterranean, characterised by its marvellous Mediterranean climate. Furthermore, it is one of the most popular tourist locations in Spain, so it has every amenity and service that you could need during your holiday in Mallorca.

The first step is to choose the area of Mallorca that you want to stay in. If you are looking for a more urban trip, with easy access, public transport, and close to the most visited areas on the island, Palma, the capital, should be the first choice for you to think about. The Puro Group has an urban hotel in Palma with 51 rooms and which has been recently refurbished.

Hotel in Palma

At Puro, we recommend that you come and get to know us, and that you stay at our hotel in central Palma. At Purohotel you will have all the facilities and services available to you that you may need during your holiday in Palma. Purohotel is a boutique hotel in Palma designed with attention paid to every detail. It is a true urban oasis where you can disconnect from the stresses of daily life.

Our hotel in Palma enjoys a privileged location in one of the most characteristic districts of the Mallorcan capital. The hotel is in the La Lonja district. A district which is full of interesting culture and, above all, has a great deal to offer for leisure and restaurants all around it.

Purohotel is an oasis for relaxation in the heart of the city. It is also connected to a beach club, and has a spa and a restaurant attached to the hotel:

-          Purobeach Palma: This Purobeach is the best place to disconnect and spend a fantastic day during your holiday. Reserve your hammock, have a cocktail and go with the flow of the best Mediterranean atmosphere in the centre of the island.  

-          Puro Spa: if you are looking for a hotel with spa in Palma, Purohotel is your best choice, as we have our own Puro brand spa. At Puro Spa, you will be able to calm your mind and recover your body’s vitality and energy. The ideal place for meditation, for a massage, relaxation or even to practice yoga.

-          Beatnik Restaurant: The hotel has one of the best restaurants in Mallorca among its facilities. There is no doubt that the Beatnik restaurant at Purohotel has become a leader in the city’s gastronomy.  

The weather in Palma

The best time to take a holiday in Mallorca is during the summer. Mallorca is an island where sun and beach tourism predominates, so if you like the beach… come and visit us in the summer and enjoy idyllic beaches on the different coasts around the island, as well as the marvellous coves there are to discover.  

But if you want to have a more cultural visit, we recommend that you come between seasons. Spring and autumn can be a magnificent time to visit the capital of Mallorca and enjoy a holiday in Palma in the purest urban style, without being too hot or too cold. Enjoy a stroll along the characterful streets of the capital’s historic centre, visit the most characteristic locations, such as Palma Cathedral, the Bay of Palma’s Paseo Marítimo (seafront promenade) or the Bellver Castle, which is just a few kilometres from the centre.

If you don’t like the heat, be sure to visit us during the winter. The good thing about winter in Mallorca is that it is mild and temperatures tend to remain around 15 degrees during the day and don’t tend to drop below 0 degrees at night. Besides, the city opens its doors all year round, so you won’t see a difference whether you come in August (which tends to be the hottest summer month) or in February (which tends to be the coldest winter month on the island).

Purohotel is open all year round so you can come to have a holiday in Mallorca at any time you like. Don’t think about it any longer. If the Mallorcan capital is your destination, Purohotel Palma is your best choice.

What to do in Palma

We have already talked about the facilities at the hotel, so we have no doubt at all that by staying at the Purohotel you will have various excellent leisure choices available to you in the city of Palma. Also, as we have commented, its marvellous location will allow you to enjoy Palma and all there is to see and do in the capital. We’re just a few steps away.

If you are looking for a place in which to relax and leave the daily stresses behind, at Purohotel you will have various options. At Purobeach Palma, you can enjoy the pool, sunbathe, get a cocktail while you relax in a hammock or on one of our Balinese beds. You can also make use of the natural treatments at the spa, where you will not only pamper your body, but also your mind. Come and visit us and let yourself go with the Puro experience.

Very close to Palma we also have another of our excellent Beach Clubs, the Purobeach at Illetas. So if you want to get a little closer to the sea, you can reserve your hammock at our oasis by the sea at Illetas.

Alternatively, another of the capital’s marvels is its great gastronomic diversity and the selection available along its streets. In Palma you will find many choices based on whatever you want to eat for lunch/dinner or what you would like to try today. But if you want to be certain, we recommend that you come to delight your taste buds with the gastronomy available in our hotel restaurant. The Beatnik Restaurant & Bar, a bold gastronomic offer that won’t disappoint even the most exquisite palates.  

After all the things we have spoken about, do you still have any questions? Choose our urban hotel in Palma where you can fully enjoy your holiday in Mallorca. With all the services, the facilities and… why not admit it? It has one of the best restaurants in the capital.