Discover the art galleries in Palma

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he centre of the Majorcan capital hides many architectural, cultural and incredible works of art

Have you seen all the best art galleries in Palma? The centre of the Majorcan capital hides many architectural, cultural and gastronomic marvels, but also some incredible works of art. In fact, there are entire streets filled with art galleries all over the city, each one with its particular charm.

Since visiting and walking around these galleries is one of the favourite plans for many residents and tourists alike, in today’s post we’ve gathered some of the best art galleries in Palma to make the journey easier for you.


Gerhardt Braun Gallery

The Gerhardt Braun Gallery, founded in 2012, is one of the favourite art galleries in Palma. As if that wasn’t enough already, it is located in one of the trendiest and artsiest streets in the city, which is also home to many luxury stores, others galleries, lifestyle shops that are also a stylish café (like Rialto Living), and lighting and interior design studios. The name? Calle Sant Feliu. 

The Gerhardt Braun Gallery is surprising to say the least, and has a beautiful exhibition space where they showcase the works of renowned worldwide artists, as well as from other young and talented upcoming ones. One of the latest and most surprising shows was definitely ICONIC, from the international painter Leon Löwentraut, or ENERGY RAY from Francesca Martí.


Galería Pelaires

Founded in 1969 by Pep Pinya, the Galería Pelaires today has a charming history, and has been representing and exhibiting the works of extremely renowned international artists. In this sense, they first exhibit the art pieces in Mallorca, and then they usually take them all over Spain.

As a “fun fact”, note that the gallery receives the name of “Pelaires” because it was initially located in a street with that same name. However, in 1990 they moved the gallery to the historic XVII-century building where it is still found today (in Can Verí, 3).

Big names in the art industry and/or their artworks, such as Eduardo Chillida, Rebecca Horn, Picasso and Miró, among many others, have all been in the Galería Pelaires. Furthermore, with modernisation and the passing of time, the gallery has also become the home of other incredible artists such as Idris Kahn, Alice Channer and Christian Jankowski. The Galería Pelaires is, without a doubt, one of the best and most historic art galleries in Palma, and you can't miss it for the world!


AHOY! Art Gallery Palma

The AHOY! Art Gallery is another must when it comes to art galleries in Palma. It’s motto is “only for optimists”, and honestly, we couldn’t love it any more than we do. Inside the gallery, they support, exhibit and promote artists and their original works of art. They have an international artwork delivery service, they’re specialised in large format art, and their exhibition space sums up a total of 300 sqm. But that’s not all. The AHOY! Art Gallery Palma also has exhibition spaces spread all over the city, in restaurants and renowned hotels such as the Beatnik Restaurant or Purohotel Palma.



Founded by the Bordoy Bennàsar sisters in september 2004, the ABA ART LAB gallery is a magical place where contemporary artworks are exhibited at an international level. Back in the day, they started out as just an art gallery in the centre of Palma, but with time, it has also become a global brand and production company with its own exhibition spaces called “ABA ART LAB Project Rooms”. Nowadays, the gallery can be visited at the Plaza Porta de Santa Catalina, inside an exquisite, modern loft where the art of top upcoming artists are represented.