Christmas in Palma

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The streets of Palma are adorned with Christmas lights throughout December and there are Christmas markets

The city of Palma is the ideal destination for Christmas holidays. It's full of shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants that open all year round, so you'll never run out of things to do and see.

Palma is also the ideal city for sightseeing and walking, with a variety of cultural gems and a fabulous landscape within easy reach by car.

Accommodation in Palma is usually easier to find than in other places in Mallorca at this time of year. You can also enjoy good prices for your holidays, as flights are generally cheaper during this time of year.

The streets of Palma are adorned with Christmas lights throughout December and there are regular Christmas markets.

The Midnight Mass is also an exclusive Mallorcan feature in Palma Cathedral, as well as in many other churches and shrines on the island.

Ideal accommodation in Palma during this time

What is Christmas like in Palma de Mallorca? Will the weather be warm? Will there be anything open? Just a few of the questions you might ask yourself if you're considering a holiday break at the hotel Purohotel in Palma.

If you're considering a Christmas holiday in Mallorca, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Like many popular holiday destinations, many resorts in Palma close to some extent during the winter. So you should consider Purohotel De Palma as your best choice as it's open throughout the winter, offering a variety of services to meet all your needs.

Are you looking for a vacation that is full of action, shopping, a cultural or tourist trip, or maybe just a weekend getaway? You can find it all at Purohotel Palma! Enjoy Christmas in Palma!

The Christmas atmosphere in Palma

First things first. How's the weather in Palma at Christmas? It's usually quite pleasant, generally dry and sunny, although temperatures can be a little unpredictable at this time of year.

There are no guarantees, of course. The climate does whatever it wants to do, but you can usually expect reasonable temperatures and sun, with temperatures reaching up to 17 °C (63 °F) on a good day.

The sea can be quite cold at this time of year, and temperatures drop when the sun sets, so you'll want to wear warmer clothes at night. Rainfall is generally scarce in the Balearic Islands, but it may rain on a few days around Christmas time in Mallorca.

Purohotel at Christmas

Many tourist resorts around the island close to some degree, but not the hotel Purohotel in Palma. It's open in winter and offers a variety of leisure options and services at its facilities.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, at Purohotel Palma you'll find everything you need for your vacation. You can have a great time both inside and outside the hotel, thanks to its great location in the capital.

Christmas traditions and celebrations in Palma

Christmas in Palma is celebrated in traditional style and is noticeably less commercial than in many other places, preserving strong Mallorcan cultural ties and Catholic traditions.

Christmas shopping usually takes place in December, and there is an atmosphere of tradition and spirituality throughout the city of Palma, where you'll find the most festive activities taking place.

Festivities in Palma start on 8 December with 'The Festival of the Immaculate Conception', a ceremony and dance performance called Los Seises.

These celebrations continue over several special days until 5 January, The Night Of The Three Kings, which is celebrated throughout Spain. In Palma, one of the scenes enjoyed by young and old is the arrival of the Three Kings at the port, from where they begin their parade.