Beatnik: the new restaurant in Palma

Purohotel Palma
A new and delicious concept in the heart of Mallorca

Want to meet something delicious and exceptional right in the heart of Palma city? Beatnik was recently opened in the famous Purohotel Palma, a new restaurant in Palma that’ll have you falling in love with food all over again. Multicultural flavours, signature cocktails, exclusive areas for events, and the best live music from renowned DJs. Fancy discovering Beatnik, the new globally-influenced restaurant in Palma? We can assure you, it is equally as original and groundbreaking as its name, or even more!

Beatnik Restaurant, flavour and excellence in Palma

Quality ingredients and unique creations are the signature stamp of this new restaurant in Palma. Beatnik is a new place and concept led by a renowned gastronomic group from London. Its motto, “Follow your inner moonlight. Don’t hide the madness”, is a direct invitation to let go and give free rein to creativity. Therefore, both guests and chefs are free, creative spirits who love a type of gastronomy that breaks with the norm and surprises you with each and every bite.

Just like that, in Beatnik restaurant, the famed Chef León Altamirano and his team create a wide variety of exquisite and unique dishes that will certainly surprise you. Plus, you can enjoy their gastronomic delicacies both inside the restaurant or out on the fabulous patio. From tasty ceviches and prawns as a starter to succulent monkfish tournedos or a duck magret as a main. To conclude this marvellous lunch or dinner in the centre of Palma, we suggest going for the delicious cheesecake or rich Puro Choc dessert before diving into the fancy world of cocktails at the Beatnik Bar.

Where to go for a drink in Palma

Beatnik Bar, a hotspot in Mallorca

If you are looking to indulge in some of the best cocktails in the heart of the city of Palma, Beatnik is the place to go. Surrounded by a stylish, cosmopolitan atmosphere with a great dose of Mallorcan essence, the innovative Beatnik Bar is quickly becoming one of the favourite bars to enjoy the perfect afternoon or night scene in Palma. Discover new flavours and creative cocktails, all while enjoying the live music from Beatnik Djs. Is there a better plan? If you want a special recommendation from an insider, we suggest you try the exquisite Strawberry Colada or the classic Moscow Mule, which of course is carefully crafted with a special Puro and Beatnik touch. Such wondrous drinks!

A step further: the best rooftop bar in Palma centre

Apart from Beatnik, the new restaurant in Palma backed by the prestigious Puro brand, in Purohotel Palma you’ll also find one of the best rooftop bars in the city. A fantastic rooftop terrace with impressive city views, amazing cocktails and, of course, a pool and comfy Bali beds. If you wish to discover this magical oasis up in the skies of Palma, be sure to check out our post on this exclusive rooftop bar in Palma. We hope to see you around soon!