5 different plans in Mallorca

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Who said that Mallorca was all sun and sand? Keep reading and we will tell you some untypical activities

Do you want to know Mallorca in a completely new way? Like many, you may have already been to the island, but… do you know everything that the island and its capital have to offer? At Purohotel Palma we want you to enjoy the island in the most special way. Therefore, we bring you 5 different plans in Mallorca with which you will have a great time.

Who said that Mallorca was all sun and sand? Keep reading and we will tell you some untypical activities that are also suitable for any time of the year, you can't miss them!

Hiking in Mallorca

The first of our different plans in Mallorca is perfect for nature lovers. Mallorca is a true paradise for hiking enthusiasts who want to know the fauna and flora of the Mediterranean. With an incredible network of routes and trails that run throughout the island, Mallorca hiking is one of the favorite activities of many Majorcans and, of course, also of many visitors.

You will only need to put on some shoes and some comfortable clothes to start traveling incredible routes through forests and mountains. Most of the Mallorca hiking trails are very well defined and indicated, so in many cases you will not need maps or guides. The Mediterranean vegetation, the beautiful countrysides and mountain landscapes and the climate of the island make Mallorca an ideal place for walkers and hikers who seek to escape the bustle of the most urban areas.

The best area for hiking is probably the Serra de Tramuntana area, which occupies the northwest coast of the island. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this mountain range is known for its incredible landscapes and natural beauty, and exploring it on foot is one of the best ways to get to know the most unspoiled and authentic side of Mallorca.

Best car routes in Mallorca

Another plan that may sound unusual is to travel the island by car. Although it may not seem very exciting at first, some of the island's roads offer incredible landscapes and unparalleled views. Renting a car in Mallorca is the best option to move freely around the island and get to know its best corners. From Palma de Mallorca, the capital, it is easy to get around and reach any end of the island which, as it is not excessively extensive, allows visitors to discover many different corners during their stay.

Some of the best car routes in Mallorca will allow you to get to know beautiful and picturesque towns, such as the towns that are in the north of the island. On the other hand, you will be able to reach the best beaches and the most hidden coves, most of them on the southernmost coast. In addition, during your route by car you can make stops at many places of interest that you will come across along the way. Take the map and start doing kilometers to get to know the island and its magic in a short time and in the best way!

Cycling Mallorca

Another of the 5 different plans in Mallorca that we propose is also to travel the roads of the island, but this time on two wheels! You dare?

Cycling is a very popular sport on the island, and we are not surprised! The amazing roads and mild weather most of the year make it easy to get on your bike and hit the miles.

Whether you are an expert cyclist or you just want to try a different way of touring the island, Mallorca cycling is for you. Mallorca cycling routes are countless and suitable for all levels, and almost the entire island has areas suitable for practicing this sport. From endless roads to trails that line the coasts of Mallorca, you will not be short of options.

From Purohotel Palma we recommend you tour the Mallorcan capital on wheels, you will love it! The city has bike lanes and areas like the promenade perfect for pedaling and discovering incredible corners in a different way

Palma de Mallorca art galleries

Visiting the art galleries of Palma de Mallorca is, among the 5 different plans in Mallorca that we propose, one of our favorites. In the city there are real artistic works!

Architectural marvels, museums full of incredible works of art… The beauty of Mallorca does not only reside in its paradisiacal beaches! In the center of the city of Palma, you will find entire streets full of museums and galleries where you can appreciate works of all kinds and by artists from all over the world, you cannot miss it!

Martian Route

The last of the 5 different plans in Mallorca that we propose from Purohotel Palma is the most unique and one of the residents' secrets. The Ruta Martiana, as the Majorcans call it, is the perfect plan for Tuesday nights in Palma de Mallorca.

The tapas route in Palma is what is known as the Martiana Route and runs through several streets of the old town, starting in Sa Gerreria area. The bars that take part in the route offer tapas and drinks at a very affordable price on Tuesdays, which acts as a claim among many residents and visitors looking for a different plan in the city.

This is a very special way to get to know the authentic atmosphere of the city and one of the most fun plans on the island. Furthermore, at Purohotel Palma, located in the famous and lively La Lonja neighborhood, you will find yourself right in the center of the city, in one of the most modern and elegant hotels in the area. For this reason will be very easy for you to find the best places near the hotel where you can enjoy an incredible night tasting the best tapas and “pintxos” in the trendy bars of Palma de Mallorca.

From our hotel we want you to live a unique experience and get to know the essence of our beautiful island. Therefore, our passion is to take care of you. At Purohotel Palma, with these 5 different plans in Mallorca you will not be short of options to enjoy the island and discover all its secrets, you cannot miss it!