About Puro Group

In spring 2004, a Swedish entrepreneur and founder of the Puro brand, Mats Wahlström, decided to realize a project Puro Hotel in Palma de Mallorca, a project with a travelling, cosmopolitan and nomadic spirit which would reflect his lifestyle.

This project turned into an instantaneous success with an audience of tourists and locals who were searching for new trends, audience who would be a frequenter at our bar as well as at Opio restaurant.

Following the steps of fame created by Puro Hotel, the company made a new opening with the view of bringing a perfect complement to the Majorcan hotel. In summer 2005 and after 9 months of refurbishment in a privileged enclave of Majorcan coast Purobeach Palma is born making a brand new offer on the coast. Ethnic design, selected music, swimming pool with lava from Java, Balinese hammocks, restaurant with our symbol 3M, spa, shop and Puro products, sea…a mix of everything that can be desired by the most hard-to-please ones.

A tremendous success of Purobeach Palma was the one that enabled the expansion of the concept realizing the new project Purobeach Marbella just a year later in July 2006.

After some years of consolidation, including the expansion of Palma with Private Wing Concept, a project with 11 rooms more in Puro Hotel Palma, achieved an objective of opening 2 projects a year under the same line “Purobeach”.

During winter 2011 the Puro group raised the number of stake holders. This new union provided a perfect balance between the hospitality world and financial background of the new companies together with founder’s passion.

This combination is what enables a rapid but controlled expansion in the most remote places of the world.