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  • Puro Hotel Palma

    Puro Hotel Palma

  • Palma de Mallorca

    Palma de Mallorca

  • C/ Montengro 12

    C/ Montengro 12

  • Time

    14 December 2013

  • Time

    20:00 -00:00

Puro Hotel Palma

14 December 2013

A collaboration of Mallorca Label with Purogroup.

The event will take place in the premises of Puro Hotel Palma. An event that strides confidently into the Majorcan high society.

It is initiated by the recognized brand Custo Barcelona that will present its new collection spring/summer at the L´Esbaluard Palma Museum, the collection that has been presented in premiere on New York runways.

Afterwards a private PDT party will take place which is exclusively accessible with an invitation.

Success is guaranteed!